FIVESTAR Step 1 Skin Analysis

Skin analysis is the first step in the FIVESTAR Method and represents the treatment beginning and foundation for all the steps that follow. This package represents an overview of Nerida’s approach to skin analysis.
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In the first stage of the Five-Star Method, Nerida Joy explains why skin analysis is the foundation of a successful treatment regimen. You’ll learn the basics of the technique, see her in action performing an inch-by-inch skin analysis, and hear her explain not only why it is so important, but also how it sets your treatments up for success with your client.

Having the knowledge and confidence to incorporate skin analysis into your own practice will help you determine whether you’re dealing with acne that is hormonal or food-related, or if your client has sensitive skin, surface dryness or inflammation – all of which is essential to customizing every facial you do so that you can get the best results for your clients.

This complete course includes video lessons, sample clips, and downloadable assets. The Five Star Method Courses are all provided to you in a digital format. After purchase you may begin the course immediately.

Comprehensive Homecare Regimen Guide (PDF)

A downloadable guide to the complete facial protocol and homecare regimen used in the Comprehensive Regimen Video.

Skin Analysis checklist

A handy print-out that you can use to pinpoint each client’s skin conditions and keep
track of their progress at every new appointment

Face-mapping chart

A breakdown of how issues such as acne and inflammation in the face can be caused by corresponding parts of the body

Answers to Nerida’s most frequently asked questions on skin analysis

Everything from why oily skin can still be surface dry to how the sun affects the skin

Video demonstrations

Inch-by-inch skin analysis demonstrations for the following skin types and sub-conditions. Each one is accompanied by a completed Skin Analysis sample checklist that you can use as a guide

  • Oily Skin with Food Related Acne
  • Combination Skin with Rosacea & Surface Dryness
  • Combination/Dry Skin with Hardened Sebum
  • Oily Skin with Pitting & Scarring
  • Combination Skin with Hyperpigmentation
  • Oily Sensitive Skin with Inflammation & Congestion

A special focus on how to hydrate and heal a dull and pitted skin with large pores

Including a feature-length video showing a start-to-finish treatment program over the course of several weeks with exclusive extra commentary from Nerida that is just for Five-Star Method subscribers.

Plus written instructions for the facial and the complete homecare regimen.

Live Q&A session

Downloadable course materials

Masterclass Certificate

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