Step 3 – Treatment

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In the third stage of the FIVESTAR Method, Nerida Joy shares her complete philosophy on treatment. You’ll learn how to customize your facials based on what you observe during skin analysis so you can be sure you’re doing the most for your client in the time you have. Watch Nerida demonstrate hands-on treatment techniques on a full range of skin types and sub-conditions, and explain why it’s so important to be thorough in your approach.

This complete course includes video lessons, sample clips, and downloadable assets. The FIVESTAR Method Courses are all provided to you in a digital format. After purchase you may begin the course immediately. The course includes a detailed guide to the benefits and practices of facial massage, how to perform extractions from start to finish, and how to layer your products to get the best results

An overview of retinoids and what makes up a vitamin A complex
Two PDFs with all the information you need about this key treatment product

Alpha Hydroxy Acids information sheet
A primer on the different kinds of AHAs and BHA, plus how they can be used on each skin type

A complete guide to acne
An in-depth look at how acne develops, including a breakdown of the various different kinds: pustules, blackheads, whiteheads and more

Answers to Nerida’s most frequently asked treatment questions
Everything from how to choose a product line to the best thing to do for dark under-eye circles

Video demonstrations
Practical guidance showing Nerida’s tips and techniques for treating the following skin types and sub-conditions:

  • Oily Skin with Pitting & Scarring
  • Combination/Dry Skin with Hardened Sebum
  • Combination/Oily Skin with Scarring & Extreme Dehydration • Combination/Dry Skin with Dullness & Pitting
  • Combination/Oily Skin with Extreme Surface Dryness & Rosacea
  • Extremely Sensitive Skin with Dermatitis • Oily Sensitive Skin with Congestion & Bumps under the Skin
  • Post-Acne Skin with Blotchiness and Sun Damage • Oily Skin with Food-Related Acne
  • Surface Dry Skin that is lacking Vibrancy and Tone
  • Combination Skin with Rosacea & Surface Dryness
  • Oily Skin with Pitting & Scarring
  • Combination Skin with Hyperpigmentation

A special focus on how to treat two different skin conditions: hormonal, cystic acne with painful nodules and scarring, and skin that is lacking in tone and showing signs of premature aging following the effects of an excessive lifestyle.

Includes two full-length videos showing the start-to-finish treatment of these two models from the Best of Nerida series, featuring brand-new and exclusive commentary that provides comprehensive details on Nerida’s treatment methodology. Plus written instructions for each facial and their complete homecare regimens.