Step 5 – Regimen

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It’s more than a list of things to do–it’s the key to results. Nerida follows up Treatment with the most important step of all, the Homecare Regimen. You’ll learn why less is more, which products to recommend, and how to inspire and empower your clients to take ownership over their skin.

What do I need?

  • Homecare Regimen Products

What’s Included in this course?

This complete course includes video lessons, sample clips, and downloadable assets. The FIVESTAR Method Courses are all provided to you in a digital format. After purchase you may begin the course immediately.

Comprehensive Regimen Video (1h 8m)
Watch as Nerida works her magic. Using The FIVESTAR Method, she is able to transform a mature skin with wrinkles, jowls and brown spots into a more youthful, tightened and toned skin.

Demonstrations – 2 videos (11:52)
Learn how to prescribe the right products for your clients, the science behind it, and how to avoid some common misconceptions about skin conditions.

Insights from Nerida Series – 4 videos (22:30)
Learn how to listen to your client, tips about sun protection, and why plain water may not be providing the hydration your client needs.

NERIDA LIVE – 3 videos (2h 48m)
The power of facial mapping in achieving results, new thoughts on cleansers, and how food affects the skin–just a few topics Nerida covers with fellow esthetician Jordan Samuel (Jordan Samuel Skin).

Exclusive Learning Materials

Regimen FAQ (PDF)
From how to keep skin looking youthful to which products best support your skin through the different seasons, Nerida’s covers her most frequently asked questions.

Comprehensive Homecare Regimen Guide (PDF)
A downloadable guide to the complete facial protocol and homecare regimen used in the Comprehensive Regimen Video.